What is Dawn World (Currently Pre-Alpha)

Dawn World is a sandbox based MMORGP with a lot of RTS elements driven by the actions of the players. The game world is set in a medieval era and aims to reflect a degree of realism in addition to fantasy in the gameplay, while also maintaining the enterntainment value of gaming. Rather than endlessly leveling up in order to slay greater enemies, a degree of lateral thought has gone into the concept, while you ally or fight with other players to survive and advance in the world.

The game will feature:

  • Players will be able to build their own buildings/settlements.
  • Persistent large open world
  • Guild and Alliances will be able to own non-NPC controlled areas of the map.
  • Players affect the world even after they log off.
  • Realistic resource system.
  • Hire NPCs to help you in various ways.
  • Work or fight with other players to survive and achieve your goals.
  • No classes. Players will build their character through the skills they learn.
  • Become influential in the game world
  • Create your own unique missions for other players.
  • Even play as a or rogue if you so desire

All in an online environment for immersive interaction with other players, or just play as a single player but benefit from the evolving world.

The RPG experience is diverse and interactive played in an online environment for true world immersion. You can improve your skills as you choose and are not limited to any particular skill path. Create your own unique missions for other players, which may well effect the online world. This allows for a rich and open-ended online experience, an important part of the game play. Add to this the ability to build up settlements and world renown to add to the ecosystem to have a real impact on the game world more.