General Game Play Concept

There are a number of ways Dawn World Online Game can be played. In addition to having multiple skills (passive, active, and combat) that can be used in general gameplay and mission / quest solving, you will be able to trade locally and throughout the planet; buy and own businesses; own and lease land; employ NPCs; hire out your services; barter, agree to pacts, treaties and deals; and be involved in ruling responsibilities... if you have the skill and experience, you may even make it to being map / world ruler.

It's intended to be a real community oriented concept that will grow with the players and develop into a more and more diverse gaming world. All types of players will interact with the game world and add to the diversity. Players are free to choose what areas they play in, and how they progress.

As you progress with missions you begin to realise that something could be afoot. There’s something strange going on, and you may want to uncover who and what’s affecting the game world. You start in an ideal world where all is at peace. Gradually you feel the freedoms are being eroded and it's your job to work against this tide (or not if you play in rogue mode). You can do this by just building up your renown and businesses or actively going on missions, get information and uncover the plots. Route out the dark forces, stopping their misguided plans for domination. Use real world magic, cunning strategy and alliances to bring the world back to balance and maintain a long lived peace.

You are not limited to a particular class, and importantly you can play in a good / righteous, rogue or malicious character style. There is a moral compass which guides you on the way, but ultimately you make your own decisions and experience the outcome. The decisions each player makes will effect the world directly. The additional bonus is that if you build your character up, your influence will persist in the the world long after you have logged off.

In most RPG games its the hero who stands up against tyranny and injustice and puts the world to rights, whether driven by personal motives or being chosen for their moral fibre, it's something that's in their blood. There is no difference here, the game world will be seeded with all the key characters to make for a immersive RGP experience and in depth game Lore. The RPG experience then enters a new level of depth by allowing players to assume certain key roles if they have the right skills, experience and dedication.

Land, Business and Resource Ownership

Each player will receive an In-game plot of land and can sell or choose to keep for a basic income or develop accordingly dependent on location. They could build a business or buy one built up by another player. Maintain your advantage or someone else may intercede. this can be done in the form of influence level, protection by the law you help support or hiring of guards to look after your concerns. If you build up a village or town, get players and NPCs to settle their, but be fair or they may find a better deal.

Use your combat skills to defeat foes or even avoid fights based on your higher skill and experience. A comprehensive set of fighting styles will allow you to maximise your confrontations. There is also a more realistic reaction based fighting system to gain higher rewards or by which only certain enemies can be defeated. A varied set of weaponry will be available to do the RPG genre justice. Level your skills, gain experience and renown in the PvP and PvE arenas.

Players VS Bandits: An example of one mode of gameplay

One of the ongoing missions in Dawn world is to keep villages and towns safe. Bandits will try to take over an area and to keep the area safe, you can counter their moves and drive them out in groops or even solo if youre skilled enough. For more long term safety you can set up law protectors and guards to pratrol the areas.

Of course this mechanic can also be used to display the geo-political ditribution on the map which is filled-in as you gain vital information from your missions.

Players gain control of villages, towns and important areas and make them safe.
As Bandits appear around key areas, their influnce affects the towns, seas and local economy.
Areas totally controlled by bandits which will effect the ecosystem, they must be driven back.

Of course you could always play as a rogue ...