Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dawn World?

Dawn World is an RPG intended to be enjoyed by a wide range of people. From the young to the more mature and experienced players. The game is designed to be interesting to people with a broad range of interests as well as those who just enjoy video games for relaxation.

Based in an emergent world with a diverse Eco-system you progress through the world in two main ways; by playing through the Quests and missions and discovering the connections and infrastructure and by building up links within the game and investigating the information you receive. The aim is to use your skill and cunning to keep the world stable and uncover and undo any

What is the concept?

Dawn World is an RPG in an MMO environment, rather than an MMORPG. Many MMORPG games centre around working through preset missions or quests to improve your character’s ability to achieve tasks or be successful in combat, in essence to be more powerful or capable. Dawn is centered on more immersive concepts and aims to reflect a degree of realism in the game-play. In essence you have the realism of not being able to find a pot of gold and buy a mega all slaying equaliser, but you can work to achieve they same effect by increasing your skills, intelligence and experience to plan and accomplish the same goal.

What is an MMORPG?

MMORPG stands for ‘Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game’. Rather than playing against the computer which is programmed with a limited artificial intelligence, you play with, or perhaps in competition with other players from around the world. This makes the game-play more diverse and interesting as it will not always be easy to predict events from day to day or even hour to hour. There is no set outcome or one way of achieving the same goal. An additional benefit is you have more control on the things which are going on around you.

Isn’t it just like all other MMORPG Games?

Generally no, but in some ways yes. We don’t just want to launch another quest based fantasy role based game, nothing wrong with this, but there are already many out there. We do want to keep the positive characteristics which add to the enjoyment and challenge of game play.

Additionally there will be unique characteristics of this video game which we hope many people will find interesting and diverse. We can’t give away too much at the moment but can say that the game is designed to develop and evolve as time goes on.

Why would I like it?

If you like video games, you can play Dawn in first or third person mode. The basic skills can be mastered relatively quickly but the skills which will get you the furthest are not so much difficult, but will require some lateral thought. You could play Dawn as a simple ‘go, solve and get’ game and enjoy the playing environment. If you prefer to become a bit more involved in the concept, and like planning and preparing you could enjoy the underlying strategy, commoradary and challenge that Dawn has to offer. Basically you could play at any level you prefer to enjoy..

What will I be able to do?

A initial basic list of game play actions are listed here

All the features of a good RPG
  • Comrehensive Character Building
  • Divergent, Morphing Evolving Missions & Quests.
  • Comprehensive Skill and Perk Trees.
  • Freelance, Groups, Guilds & Alliances.
  • Play Hero, Rogue or Tyrant.
  • Mystery Solving & Power struggles.
  • In depth and responsive ecosystem.
  • Intelligent AI - Foes will see you coming if you're not careful.
  • Hard core mode with more rewards for greater depth - NPCs will look for you across the whole map.
  • Day night cycles.
  • Persistent world with player built and settlement.
  • Player's actions will continue to influence after they log off.
  • Game World is affected by the players who can own land, businesses and resource areas.
  • Expanding & Evolving World.
  • Balanced Trading - responsive to supply and demand, have an impact.
  • Offline trading option - put your items in a shop for other players to buy.
  • Moral compass.
  • Free bandit controlled villages and keep them safe with defence structures and loyal NPCs and receive homage and status.
  • Hire NPCs to and work for you and carry out tasks and missions.
  • Own Land, Businesses and Resources.
  • Train other players for reward.
  • Move up the respect structure and gain more influence in the map.
  • Become a leader, mayor, baron, command an army or even rule the map, but watch out for those who might want to take your place.
  • Multiple paths to same end goal.
  • Badlands MOBA - repel invading forces and even command an army.
  • Introduce new ideas and see the impact.
  • Player built houses - with the option to design.

Will there be any battles etc?

There inevitable will be the need to defend yourself. However the level of danger you expose yourself to is entirely up to you. You could stay within the safe confines of the local towns or be more exposed as you pursue more rewarding goals.

There will also be a badlands area to plan ‘mass invasion strategies’ or just a good old battle in the form of a MOBA

Will it run on my computer?

The game is designed to run on any PC / graphics card combination that supports Microsoft DirectX9c, pretty much any PC bought or upgraded in the last 4 years. We will announce minimum and preferred specs nearer launch. It will need a resonably capable 3D GFX card.

When will it be ready?

We've currenlty in prealpha. Many of the concepts and mechanics have been prototyped. We hope to move forward and release an alpha test to the community in April 2015.