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Hello there

Postby Morrack » Sun Jun 01, 2014 1:38 pm

Hello :)

My name is Valentin Leondiev. Codename: Morrack

And I am the concept and graphical developer of Down World.

Ever since I remember I was passionate about Video games. Ever since they required no more than 2 megabytes of Video memory and 32 megabytes of ram I was so deep in games that even I wondered if it is normal. Games surely are my biggest passion so far. But by far not the only ones. I have studied Drawing, photography, modelling and psychology. I love art in all its forms and I tend to combine everything I know and to give my best for Dawn World. I might be only 19 years old but I have played more than 100 games and I will try to make this game worth it.

I may have never had that much people around me. But I realised quality over quantity is the better thing in almost every aspect. And I have learned to seek happiness not success and money over all. For feeling good is my reason to live.
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