Features List

    Alpha Release Features

    Dynamic persistend MMO world
    Equip character
    Basic armour
    Diverse set of in game items
    Large 64 KM2 map
    Fast travel from slip gate to slip gate to maintain realism & game-play
    Fighting system: Bows, one & two handed weapons & defence
    Buy / Build / Own Buildings
    Craft weapons, materials and food
    Gather resources, mines, wood, stones & fish
    Trade in the world with NPCs & other players
    Play in 2.5 or 3D mode
    Character building, strength, skills, wisdom, reputation etc
    Play as you like and reap the benefits / consequences
    Raid bandit camps and drive them back
    Hire NPCs to assist you, select their strength
    Sell training to other players
    Moral compass reacts on how you play
    Protect villages & key map areas from bandits
    Control map safe areas which are plotted on a map

    Additional Features In Development

    Complete missions for reward (short & long term)
    Work offline and earn gold
    Own and run businesses
    Own, control & rent land
    Protect resource points from bandits
    Build and manage camps, villages, and towns
    Upgarde & dismantle items
    Play in groups & guilds
    Be a mayor of a city
    Be Lord / Lady of a region
    Be king or queen of the map
    Design missions and gain rewards as players complete them